Blast to the past with Chiquita’s timeless recipes
Blast to the past with Chiquita’s timeless recipes

Blast to the past with Chiquita’s timeless recipes

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02 Apr 2018

Chiquita has been in your family households for over 150 years supporting the health, growth and above all, taste-buds of your family. It’s about time we do blast to the past to rediscover some of your favorite Chiquita recipes. Chiquita has the perfect collection of recipes to take you back to your childhood. Recipes that give you a warm fuzzy feeling of goodness. Over the years Chiquita has released numerous recipe books with your family’s favorite banana recipes. Recipe books which, funnily enough, we now consider vintage! But the hearty taste never gets old!

While the spring time is approaching, it’s the season to come out of hibernation. Now that the garden has started blooming again, we start hosting those delightful long lunches outside. What’s better to impress your guests than Chiquita’s SPRINGTIME SALAD? A groovy 60’s go-to dish that has always been fool-proof. The combination of zesty, sweet gelatin with a savory filling is the perfect starter. Not to mention, the funky presentation will trick your guests into thinking you’ve spent hours perfecting it! See recipe below or get your hands on Mom’s of copy of Chiquita Banana Cookbook to trial the numerous variations of the Springtime Salad.

Next, the forever-young BANANA MILKSHAKE. This can’t even blast you back to your childhood. Let’s be honest, it’s a sure fire hit at any age. However, it may bring back memories of the times of the ‘street-light curfew’, grazed knees and endless hours playing with the kids on your block all topped off with a delicious banana milkshake. How is it possible that this recipe never gets old? The banana milkshake can be personalized and altered to your taste. Find all the top variations in the Chiquita Banana Presents 18 Recipes From Her Minute Movies Book to boost the classic Banana Milkshake. Add ineapple, vanilla, chocolate, spices or whatever takes your fancy.

One recipe that has faithfully satisfied every hungry mouth for years on end, and undoubtedly for years yet to come, is the beloved PANCAKE RECIPE. Nowadays, pancakes are nothing without being doused in toppings. For some people, maple syrup is the only acceptable topping. Then, there are those of us who like to experiment. Whether you are a sweet or savory kind of person, this BANANA HONEY TOPPING is a crowd-pleaser. These recipes can be found in the Chiquita Brands Banana book. This topping is the perfect addition to the delicate crispy edges and tender center of golden pancakes. Just the thought of it makes your taste buds tingle! Keep the kids entertained on the weekend by making BANANA FUNCAKES from Chiquita Banana cookbook. Let the kids get imaginative when creating a silly face to decorate their delectable pancake stack. Dig in!

Bananas have a sweetness that helps balance other tastes such as spicy or tangy. This makes them the perfect accompaniment for a savory dish. A quick and easy recipe for a busy household is the BAKED BANANAS. It can be served as a side-dish the traditional roast or added to spicy dishes like curries to ease the kick. It is so quick and easy to prepare, complementing an array of meals. 

These Chiquita recipes are timeless and so versatile that they will be loved by the entire family. Dust off the Chiquita vintage cook books and get cooking those heart-warming recipes.