Banana nice cream
Banana nice cream

Discover Your Chiquita Banana Nice Cream

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Banana ice cream, otherwise known as “nice cream,” is very hot right now….well, it’s really cold, but it’s blowing up the internet. It’s the latest dessert to make our mouths water. It’s healthy, delicious, vegan and free of dairy, sugar, and gluten (depending on your add-ins). Plus, you don’t need an ice cream maker to create your own delectable concoctions. You can whip it up in minutes with a blender or food processor and a few added ingredients. Go ahead and indulge because it’s really good for your body and soul.

The base for nice cream is frozen Chiquita bananas, blended to the consistency of rich, creamy soft serve ice cream and mixed or topped with all sorts of yummy ingredients. Be sure to stock your freezer with ripe, peeled Chiquita bananas so you’re ready for a nice, cold fix of sweetness anytime of the day or night. Your taste buds will thank you.

It’s like having an ice cream shop right in your own home! You’ll have fun experimenting with creative flavor combinations till you find your individual favorite. If you like a firmer consistency, refreeze for a while once blended. Not sweet enough? Add a little honey!

Find your personal best and enjoy scooping away!

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