DIY Banana Split Party!

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22 Aug 2018

It’s summer, the season of day-time garden parties that run late into the night. These are always so trendy, classy and without a doubt enjoyable, but gee can they be cumbersome to host! How about you be the trend-setter? Host a new type of party that won’t be a bank-breaker!

Have a DIY Chiquita Banana Split Party!

If you need an excuse to host such a uniquely-themed party, it is actually National Banana Split Day in America on the 25th August, so it completely fits in with current events. Why not make it International? Not that you even need an excuse to have a Banana Split Party, who doesn’t love a banana split!

  1. Make a DIY creation station. Search the house, high and low. Pick some bowls, jars, vases, trays, platters and food stands. Grab whatever you have, mixing and matching the sizes and shapes to create a shabby-chic effect. If you want to get really fancy, buy some Styrofoam boxes and cover them with your favorite fabric. Find boxes of different heights and shapes to raise your topping containers. It’s such a simple and easy trick to boost your party decorations. Plus, they’re reusable for the next party. Pull out a cool and colorful tablecloth and some snazzy serving spoons. Print out, buy or create your own labels. Use handwritten labels to attach to each ingredient as a finishing touch. 
  2. What to buy at the supermarket? As far as toppings go, banana split goes well with pretty much anything. Firstly, you need to decide whether you want to stick to the traditional banana split toppings, or a revisited and modern toppings, or both!
  3. Make sure you get some ice-cream. Traditionally, the banana split is made with strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice-cream, but no one is stopping you from getting your favorite flavors. Always remember to take into consideration your guests. If you have a friend that doesn’t really enjoy splurging on sweet treats, pick up a Greek yogurt. There are lots of simple, low-cost alternatives to keep all your guests happy. You can even make your own home-made ice-cream!

Normally, the banana split is served with pineapple, chocolate and strawberry toppings, but buy whatever tickles your fancy! Then, here comes the fun bit. Go wild with toppings. From nuts to berries to chocolate chips. From smarties to gummy bears, to cherries and jams. From crushed biscuits to granola to candy to coconut. From cream to coffee to wafers. The options are endless!

Chiquita Banana split

These kinds of parties always go well teamed up with a movie night. That way, your friends can come over after dinner and stuff themselves silly with sweet Banana Splits while getting cozy with a good film. Above all, this combo is great because you can invite lots of friends and it is still super affordable!

Your guests will be amazed by the incredible setup and the incredible taste!

Tell your friends it was all your own idea, we don’t mind! Though, we would love to see your banana split party set up and hear about what treats and toppings you used to create your personalized Chiquita Banana Split.
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