Having a bad day? Have a Chiquita banana!
Having a bad day? Have a Chiquita banana!

Having a bad day? Have a Chiquita banana!

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11 Oct 2018

Having a bad day? Have a Chiquita banana!

You can’t actually carry a ray of sunshine in your pocket, but you can carry around a Chiquita banana, and that’s pretty much the same! It’s normal to have days when you or your loved ones are feeling off, especially now that summer has left us. So, if you’re having a bad day, have a Chiquita banana. Why, you ask?

Bananas are a portable smile

I mean, they’re a yellow, sunny curved fruit in the shape of a smile. Smiling immediately improves your mood and helps to relax you whole body. So, if you see a loved one feeling down, give them a vitamin-full Chiquita banana to make them smile. Finally, one good thing that is contagious that you actually want to catch. That’s right, smiling is contagious - spread the goodness!

Go bananas!

The colloquial use of ‘bananas’ for ‘crazy’ is no coincidence. Because Chiquita bananas really do make you, well.. Go bananas! They make you burst with enthusiasm. That’s not just because they are full of energy-restoring nutrients, but because there’s something so fun and light-hearted about them. No matter how gloomy you’re feeling, a Chiquita banana will brighten up your mood, its fool-proof!

Banana-laughing fits

No, it’s not a normal laughing fit. It’s that kind of laughing fit you have when someone tells you a banana joke. Return the favor to a friend that’s feeling low. Lame, very little irony, but can still bring you to tears of laughter. That’s what makes bananas so special. How about, “What do bananas say when they answer the phone?” “Yellow.” Start off with an easy joke and then top it off with “How is a banana peel on the floor like music?” “Because if you don’t C sharp, you’ll B flat”.

Little things can improve your mood. Never forget to carry a Chiquita banana in your pocket in case you’ve got the blues. Chiquita bananas will turn your frown upside down!