Holiday craft ideas to keep kids busy
Holiday craft ideas to keep kids busy

Holiday craft ideas to keep kids busy

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05 Dec 2018

Holiday season activities for the whole family

The holidays are a great time to bond with your children and maybe bring out your own inner child. There are so many lovely activities to keep the family busy. The trick is to get the whole family involved in the planning phase. By doing this there is sure to be a general enthusiastic approach to the holiday season.

Winter weekend activities

Rug up with warm coats, scarfs, and boots and go outside. Go for a walk as a family, chat, laugh and breathe the crisp fresh air. While you're there, keep the family occupied by searching for pine cones. Collect them to decorate your home. You can use them to create table centerpieces, ornaments and more! The options are endless, get creative!

Get artsy and crafty

Make a ‘creation box’. It’s a simple container filled with a whole lot of a random items. As you go through the house, you will find lots of bits and bobs that can be added to your box. When your family has some free time, upend the box on the table, choose your holiday theme and make creations. You will be amazed by the beautiful things your family can make with such simple items. Plus, it keeps everyone busy for a couple of hours and the cleanup is easy, whatever is left goes back into the creation box!

We have a merry crafty idea for you! Using the items in your creation box, create your family’s very own countdown calendar. It doesn’t have to be a traditional calendar, you can make it however your family likes.

Ready, steady, bake!

Pull out the recipe book with your family favorite holiday treats. Share the roles between everyone, one can mix, one can whisk, one can measure, one can read the recipe and so on. Try to avoid the temptation of doing it yourself. After all, teamwork makes dream work-most of the time! We’ve got a great recipe idea for you. Watch the video tutorial for Holiday Reindeer Chiquita Bananas Have little hands help create these cute chocolate reindeer this season!

Thoughtful, but cost-effective

The holiday season is the perfect occasion to show your appreciation to someone, and we tend to show our appreciation by giving small gifts. Often, we have a long list of people to be grateful for, but that means a whole of gifts to buy and it can become really expensive. From friends to neighbors and teachers to coworkers, choosing and buying gifts can be stressful and not to mention, expensive! How about sitting down as a family and making some DIY gifts. It’s a great way to spend some quality time together as well as getting creative. Bake some Chiquita Banana Coconut Biscuits. One can bake, one can decorate and one can package. Stack them in mason jars, wrap them with a ribbon and voila, you have a delicious and nutritious yet low-cost gift for all your loved ones.

Keep your family busy while getting creative with our Holiday season ideas. Take a happy snap of your craft activities and share them with us using #Chiquitabanana