Stop and smell the roses. Spring is in full bloom!

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03 Apr 2018

Spring is in full swing and boy is it bringing the goods this year! The days are longer and the air is warmer. It is easier to get out of bed in the morning while rays of sunshine are beaming through the window. Knowing that your waking up to eat a Chiquita Banana Mermaid Bowl helps too! Spring just seems to give you that extra spring in your step.

Stop and smell the roses. Spring is in full bloom!
Stop and smell the roses. Spring is in full bloom!

The promise of springs arrival is enough to get anyone through the cold winter. The time has arrived to stop and smell the roses. How could you not with that beautiful fragrance in the air? There is nothing better than garden beds that fill with colorful flowers, while parks become green and fill with the sound of laughter. Its amazing how the grey winter turns into natures rainbow in such a short time, bringing with it a big dose of pure bliss.

If there is one fruit that radiates happiness, its a Chiquita bananaif we do say so ourselves. The cheery yellow skin reflects the spring time sunshine. Its perfect to share with a special person or eat alone and it wont even go bad under the hot sun, so its the perfect picnic snack.

Stop and smell the roses. Spring is in full bloom!From the moment a Chiquita Banana starts to grow from the treebright, yellow-green and holdableit is wonderful. Nutritious, yet hilarious. Iconic, yet humble. Oddly shaped, yet highly functional. But above all it is fun. When you hold a banana, you feel happier. Don’t believe us? Go ahead. Pick up a Chiquita Banana. Fill your spring days with Chiquita flavor and Chiquita happiness.

With spring comes so many fresh and funky trends. Textiles become bright, floral and fruity, while clothes are light and well, far more flattering than those winter woolens. Dare to wear colors this season. Dont shy away from a fun yellow sun dress. It will have you looking radiant. Or style a banana leaf print blouse with your favorite pants. Bring out your inner flower power with flowy, floral skirts while your frolicking under the blossoming trees. Team it with a statement fruit hat, just like our very own Miss Chiquita.

It is, without a doubt, the season where you can play with floral and fruity fashion without seeming like your great aunt. Bring out your inner trendsetter and play with spring inspired textiles. Start playing with layering, mixing and matching bright, outgoing clothing articles. Spring is the season of new beginnings, channel it in your wardrobe.

Take a book outside. Get creative this spring. Draw, paint the flowers, plan your next holiday, discover nature. Go bananas sketching your surroundings or take happy snaps with your Chiquita banana. Don’t forget to bring along your Chiquita Banana Spring sticker collection.

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We love seeing our Chiquita community having fun with Chiquita. Share with us your spring time fun, art, food and fashion. Snap your happy moments and share them on social media using the #chiquitabananas.

Make this spring your own with Chiquita!