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How bananas are eaten around the world

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March 30th 2020 ・ 10 min reading

Bananas are the most popular fresh fruit in the globe.

Chiquita was the first banana to be available worldwide, and a key enabler to unite diverse and distant cultures. Giving everyone something in common-the love for banana! Well, of course, there is no chance of getting lost in translation with a flavor as incredible as of a Chiquita banana!

All these different cultures have their own and different ways of cooking and consuming our delicious fruit.

Let’s take a look at all the different ways the banana is eaten around the world!

  • Did you know that in the Philippines, Banana Cue is a common street food? It is made up of deep fried bananas coated in caramelized brown sugar. Yummy, that’s screaming out to anyone with a sweet tooth.
  • Also, in the Philippines, people use a very ‘bananaliscious’ condiment. How about some banana ketchup? It’s so easy to prepare and surprisingly delicious! It just mashed banana, sugar, vinegar and spices. And, a quick tip: banana ketchup compliments an omelette just perfectly.
  • Did you know in England, they eat a banana-based dessert called Banoffee pie? Banoffee pie, you ask? Just think bananas, cream and toffee, all spread on top a buttery biscuit base. Need we say more? Decadent!
  • In the Matsès and Shipibo, people of the Peruvian Amazon jungle are the creators of the banana beverage called Chapo. It consists of boiled sweet bananas, cinnamon and cloves. Can you imagine sipping on that delight while sitting by a warm fire?
  • Did you know that banana and pork make for a delightful couple? Another dish from Peru, the Tacaho is a roasted banana Amazonian cuisine. It is served with cecina and bits of pork. The sweet and savory makes for a winning combination!
  • Who would have known that there is a such thing as banana flour? Historically, it was used in Africa and Jamaica as a cheap alternative to normal flour. However, it is now also used as a gluten-free alternative to wheat flours and a common ingredient in paleo recipes.
  • Given there is such thing as banana flour, even banana pasta also exists! It’s lower in calories and higher in protein!
  • Have you ever thought of banana in dumplings? Well, someone has. Indonesians make Nagasaris. They are a traditional steamed cake made from rice flour, coconut milk and sugar, then filled with slices of banana.

Bananas also make awesome, infallible soups. Surprising, right? And yes, it’s true.

A hot banana soup is made in Puerto Rico. Puerto Ricans make a vegetarian banana soup flavoured with paprika, cumin, coriander seeds and black pepper. It is then served with pan de Agua, a Puerto Rican bread, avocado, parmesan cheese, and parsley. That sounds hearty and heart-warming!

Here was just a small insight into the millions of variations and combinations that you can make with Chiquita banana. We hope we have inspired you to get more creative and adventurous in the kitchen, trying out new recipes with our ubiquitous ingredient.

Go on, share your creations with the rest of the Chiquita community using #Chiquitabanana. We’re confident they will find them appeeling!

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