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Love these three Chiquita Banana Valentine’s Day recipes

Cooking Lovers

March 31st 2020 ・ 10 min reading

Fall in love with a fabulous Chiquita banana recipe !

Valentine’s Day is here again, so if you want to bring tropical sunshine into the heart of your beloved, why not cook up a delicious surprise on this special day? Cooking is fun, and good for your soul and heart, particularly as using Chiquita bananas means that whatever you’re making also has great health benefits. All that banana goodness makes a lovely gesture even nicer!

Featuring Chiquita bananas and watermelon, as well as a small, heart-shaped cookie cutter, this recipe will tell your nearest and dearest that you care for their health as much as you care for them. Take a heart-shaped piece out of each slice of banana, then mix the cut-out and the outer round with heart-shaped pieces from slices of watermelon for a lovely contrast in flavour, texture and color. Add strawberries and garnish with mint for a truly terrific treat.

This is the ultimate indulgent and romantic Valentine’s treat, with a gorgeous rich texture that will make your loved one’s day even more luxurious. Combine milk and white chocolate chips in a pan, and heat until melted, then stir in a few drops of red food coloring, add a chopped Chiquita banana and blend till smooth. Pour into mugs, top with whipped cream and heart-shaped banana pieces and enjoy!

For a sweet start to Valentine’s day, whip up a batch of easy-bake banana pancakes! Start by mixing mashed bananas, melted butter, eggs, buttermilk and honey and add in flour, sugar, raising agents and salt for a perfect batter. Use a large metal heart-shaped cookie mold in a pan with melted butter to hold the batter, after it’s rested, and soon you’ll be serving up a plateful of love! Garnish with heart-shaped pieces of banana and whipped cream for a special Valentine’s message.

With all the amazing benefits that a Chiquita banana brings – the delicious, creamy taste, as well as the fibre, vitamins and minerals crammed into one little fruit – it’s no wonder that our bananas are a firm favourite around the world. So, there’s no better way to celebrate Valentine’s day than by sharing a bunch with the one you love!

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