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Chiquita Teamed Up with Shazam to Virtually Transform the Produce Aisle with Immersion Experience

Sticker Moments & Campaigns

March 31st 2020 ・ 10 min reading

Chiquita Leveraged Shazam’s Technology to Take Shoppers and Retailers on a Journey to Learn What Lies Behind the Blue Sticker

Chiquita Brands International, the world’s foremost banana purveyor, announced a new partnership with Shazam, the popular audio and visual recognition app, which helped consumers discover how Chiquita is leading sustainability efforts in an emotional and engaging way. Utilizing the AR/VR expertise of creative agency Dffrnt Media, consumers were able to scan a Shazam Code on the iconic Blue Sticker via the app, and virtually “peel back” to learn more about Chiquita’s commitment to transparency and sustainability in addition to what Chiquita does, day after day, to deliver the promise that stands “Behind the Blue Sticker.”

"At Chiquita we are keen to open up doors in our industry,"
"We truly believe that leading the industry obliges us to invite consumers and retailers to better understand and see the actions we are taking to produce, ship and provide the best possible fruit."

Jamie Postell, Director of Sales North America for Chiquita.


Started in mid-July 2018, the Shazam Code appeared on 200 million Chiquita Blue Stickers in the US and several European countries for a four-week period. Consumers were able to access an AR experience via the Shazam app that then transported consumers into the tropics through Virtual Reality. Essentially, they were able to follow the journey of a banana from Chiquita farms in Latin America, to the port facility, right across the Atlantic and all the way to their kitchen table via their favorite grocery store.

"We are thrilled that people were able to Shazam bananas and to help Chiquita share its sustainability story,"
"Chiquita was the first brand to leverage our visual recognition technology in the fresh produce aisle. This partnership offers an accessible, immersive platform sharing Chiquita's message in an authentic and engaging way to both consumers and retailers."

Miles Lewis, SVP Shazam International.

Bananas are among the top sellers across grocery stores, making them present on almost every kitchen counter or table across the country. This gives Chiquita a unique opportunity to leverage its iconic Blue Stickers as a powerful touchpoint to allow consumers to interact with the brand in a fun, but also educational way. Chiquita’s “Behind the Blue Sticker” initiative assures consumers that the iconic Blue Sticker stands for high-quality, delicious bananas, and – above all – sustainable bananas. For this reason, the “Behind the Blue Sticker” initiative includes various innovations in farm management and logistics with an impact on waste, emission reduction CO2 and water footprint, and much more.

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