Chiquita Brings Bananamania To The Big Easy
Chiquita Brings Bananamania To The Big Easy

Chiquita Brings Bananamania to NOLA

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FT. Lauderdale, FL.  October 23, 2017 - Chiquita Brands proudly captured the world’s attention earlier this summer by moving the moon in front of the sun to create a nationwide phenomenon known as the Banana Sun. The light-hearted campaign of celestial proportions garnered coverage in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Mashable, Food & Wine Magazine, CNNMoney, and CBS News. Now, the playful produce brand has brought things back down to earth with their latest campaign, Big Easy Bananamania.

In celebration of this past weekend’s Produce Marketing Association (PMA) Convention (the produce aisle’s biggest stage), hosted from October 19-21 in the heart of New Orleans, Chiquita organized some subtle yet fun, banana happenings around the city to give convention guests and beloved New Orleanean’s the impression that they were going, well, bananas. These surreal banana moments hidden in plain sight in places frequented by conference attendees feel as if the banana mania were following them around town.

As they moved through their day in New Orleans attendees would have seen:

  • Chiquita Banana- shaped luggage going round and round alongside other luggage in the baggage carrousels at the airport
  • Parents pushing strollers with a Chiquita Banana “baby" inside.
  • Banana front desk clerks to greet you upon check-in at your hotel
  • A banana jazz band performing live in Jackson Square
  • Banana tourists taking a segway tour near the convention center
  • A Banana commuter casually riding on the streetcar
  • A hot dog cart that upon closer inspection is serving Chiquita Banana Hotdogs

“Even with all of the wheeling and dealing going on, professional conferences can get a bit tedious. We wanted to bring a little dose of fun to the proceedings, while showing all of the big players in the produce game that we're committed to building Chiquita's iconic brand. ”

These stunts were created to remind people that bananas aren’t just the most yellow fruit, but also the most humorous. With that in mind, it was Chiquita's duty and pleasure to bring some of that fun to the Big Easy. Please find below and attached recap imagery from the weekend's celebration.