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Chiquita’s breakfast banana recipes

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April 2nd 2020 ・ 10 min reading

Finding three meals a day for the whole family seven days a week, that are also easy to make and eat, is a real challenge under a home lockdown.

It’s easy to run out of ideas for breakfast in particular, but this is where versatile and delicious Chiquita bananas can help. Nutritious and healthy, packed with potassium, vitamins and nutrients to offer perfect support for the body, bananas are the ultimate versatile fruit that can be added to absolutely any breakfast to make it better. We’ve devised a Chiquita weekly breakfast menu to help save time and take some of the headache out of planning. This can be used as part of maintaining an active routine. Enjoy!

MONDAY: To start the week, the amazing vegan rainbow bowl is packed full of vitamins and minerals – eating a rainbow of fruit colors is a sure way to increase your energy levels and nutrient intake.

TUESDAY: This great, healthy twist on one of America’s favorite desserts tops a classic tasty Chiquita banana, split lengthwise, with red fruits and peanut butter for a protein-packed dose of morning deliciousness and vibrant color.

WEDNESDAY: These Chiquita banana and oat pancakes are airy, fluffy, fruity and a great way to prepare the family for midweek. Chiquita banana chips and red fruits on top add delicious, health-filled sweetness.

THURSDAY: For a quick, refreshing start, when you’re looking for all your health and energy needs in one yummy bowl, this is the breakfast to choose. This recipe features a medley of vitamin-packed fruits including Chiquita bananas, yogurt, and pecan nuts for crunch.

FRIDAY: This recipe involves some prep the night before, but it’s worth it for the super taste! Layer yogurt, home-made granola and Chiquita banana slices in jars for a filling treat that is ready in just 10 minutes in the morning.

SATURDAY: The perfect leisurely family breakfast, these waffles feature creamy Chiquita bananas both in the mix and in the topping. What could possibly be better?

SUNDAY: For a special breakfast, these yummy, fluffy pancakes are a great, healthy way to switch up the daily routine and use any overripe bananas. Top with maple syrup for those with a sweet tooth.

With a different recipe for every morning to suit your daily routine, Chiquita’s tasty banana breakfasts can help you to make a healthy and active start to your day. There is also the added benefit of being able to use a Chiquita banana at each stage of ripeness throughout the week so minimizing waste. Enjoy your breakfasts and stay safe!

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