Breakfast Bowl
Breakfast Bowl

Boost Your Energy With a Healthy Breakfast Bowl

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Bored with your traditional morning meal? Build a breakfast bowl for a change. It’s not only easy, colorful and tasty, but it’s really good for you. Start your day off healthy by making your own creative concoction and layering on the good stuff. Breakfast bowls can be rich in protein, healthy carbs and superfoods that give you energy all day long. Just knowing what’s in store for you will surely make you a morning person!

The best thing about these meal-in-a-bowls is that every day they can be different. Mix and match ingredients you have in the house, what’s in season, and even your mood. Is it a sweet or savory kind of day? Here are some suggestions of great ingredients to make a better bowl to power up your day. Experiment and add your own favorites. Then dig in!

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